Did you know that the humble mushroom has the ability to significantly boost your body’s immunity? Yes, these deceptively simple fungi carry many super powers… They can help your body to improve health, kill viruses, and balance bacteria. Plus, they support your brain and nervous system. And they are even known to inhibit and destroy cancer cells!

So what makes mushrooms so great? Well, their immune boosting qualities are thanks to…

– Mushrooms fight disease with helpful sugars in the fungi’s cell walls, called beta glucans.

These beta glucans are polysaccharides – that is, a helpful form of sugar. They help the body by altering white blood cells and modulating immune function. This can improve immune response to viruses and diseases. Plus, it can complement other treatments in fighting life-threatening medical issues, like diabetes, cancer, and HIV/AIDS.1

The beta glucans can also protect against simple viruses, like colds and the flu. In fact, they can even quick your healing time if you’re already sick! Researchers continue to explore the benefits of these beta glucans.

– Mushrooms deliver antioxidants to defend against free radicals, which can damage cells and risk cancer.

Have you heard this before? In the body, too many free radicals can lead to cell damage, as well as increased risk of cancer.2 Indeed, antioxidants help the body to manage or prevent the onset of medical conditions, like cancer and Alzheimer’s.3

Well, blueberries are not the only way to get a daily dose of antioxidants! A daily dose, like that found in many mushrooms, can do the trick. And increasing your intake of antioxidants will help your immune system to function best.

– Mushrooms reduce inflammation in the body that causes disease.

Sometimes the immune system triggers inflammation to fight illness and disease. But longterm or chronic inflammation can cause serious healths. This may include cancers, arthritis, and other disease.4 Luckily, mushrooms can significantly reduce inflammation. Thanks to a number of bioactive compounds in them, these fungi are potent anti-inflammatory agents.5

– Mushrooms can balance pH levels in the body to prevent disease growth.

Indeed, eating fungi helps to alkalize the body. This defends the body and boost immunity… Because experts assert that disease thrives in an acidic environment, but can’t grow in an alkaline environment. In addition, studies show that an alkaline diet has many benefits beyond this too.6 So that means, a diet rich in alkaline foods like mushrooms is helpful to balance your pH levels.

If you’re looking to boost your immunity, then medicinal mushrooms offer an excellent natural remedy.

Indeed, these humble fungi deliver many of the best immune-boosting qualities. If you’re interested in exploring more about them, here are 10 fast facts about medicinal mushrooms. And check out more details with introductions to well-known species, like reishi, chaga, cordyceps, turkey tail, maitake, lion’s mane, and shiitake.

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