It may seem cheaper to buy conventional foods, instead of going organic – but science says that those eating food grown with pesticides comes at a high cost: quietly killing your testosterone.

Men’s sexual health has been on decline for the past fifty years, and researchers have been working hard to figure out why. Why have male sperm counts dropped to 60% of levels from 1940? Why are more men finding a significant decrease in their testosterone levels?

Well, researchers are now discovering that, at least in part, this decline is a result of the food we eat. The genetic modifications and pesticides of our modern food system are seriously cutting into your T levels. Here’s how…

The real threat of pesticides impacting your hormones…

Some people argue that the chemicals in pesticides have no negative impact on humans. But the impact that they have on our hormones is now being proven, and it doesn’t look good.

As you may have learned, xenoestrogens – commonly known as “female hormone mimickers” – are a major factor in decreased testosterone levels. (If not, then read up here!) And unfortunately, some of the most common pesticides are now known to be xenoestrogens and have an anti-androgenic effect. Another study showed that just low doses of Round Up – one of the most popular pesticides – causes decreased in testosterone.

Again and again, in studies around the world, of both humans and animals, we have seen that pesticides are directly linked to a decrease in testosterone levels. So if you’re serious about maintaining or increasing your T levels, this is critical! You need to cut the pesticides out of your life.

The effect of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as food….

In addition to pesticides, our food system is also heavily relying on Genetically Modified Organisms – or GMO’s. The “modified” foods are grown from seeds that are created in a laboratory or injected with specific DNA elements. Most often, the goal of these modifications is to create plants that can tolerate higher doses of pesticides. That way growers can use even more chemicals in the growing fields. Bigger, better, faster… and faker?!

If you want to take care of your body and care for your horomones, avoiding GMO foods is another essential step. These GMO crops are, by default, using more pesticides – because that’s what they’re made to do! But your body was not made to process and resist so many chemicals in the daily diet. In addition, beyond the pesticides, the modifications of these food products have unknown longterm affects. When is an apple no longer just an apple? But something else? The safest choice is the natural choice. Choose GMO free, and you know what you’re buying.

So what can you do to choose healthy, testosterone-friendly foods?

  • The most pesticide-intensive foods are the fruits and vegetables listed here in “The Dirty Dozen.” These are the first foods that you should choose to go organic.
  • The most common genetically modified (GMO) foods are corn, soy, canola, cottonseed oil, and sugar beets. Always be sure to choose non-GMO options!
  • Always, whenever you can, choose wisely! Foods that are labeled “USDA Organic” – in addition those that are “Verified Non-GMO” – are your safest choices.

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Disclaimer: Despite the references provided, the information on this site is intended for educational purposes only. It is not meant to cover all possible precautions, drug interactions, circumstances or adverse effects. Please refer for advise and treatment by a licensed physician.