Do you struggle to keep your energy up throughout the day? Or do you feel like you’re always functioning on “slow” speed?Many people struggle with boosting and maintaining energy, both physically and mentally. You’re not alone! But nature may offer more solutions for this energy slump than you know… One in particular is the medicinal mushroom. Celebrated for centuries in Eastern medicine, mushrooms offer potent energizing qualities.

What your really need to know about mushroms and energy is…

Mushrooms deliver B vitamins that support energy levels.

In our modern diet, many Americans consume far too few B vitamins. These leads to slow energy, unhealthy adrenals, and lack of mental clarity. But you can counteract this by increasing your intake of B vitamins! Mushrooms contain many B vitamins, such as B2, B5, B6, and B12. A daily serving or supplement of mushrooms may be enough to make the difference in your diet. These vitamins, like Vitamin B12, help to turn food nutrients into easy-to-use energy.1 Your body and mind will thank you for it!

One especially potent mushroom when it comes to Vitamin B is the shiitake mushroom.

Mushrooms can naturally balance hormones to boost mental energy.

Keeping your hormones in line is essential! When hormone levels spike and fall, it can change your mood, fog your mind, or simply drop your energy. Both men and women struggle with imbalances in their hormones. And different mushrooms can help by having different effects on people in this way. They do this by decreasing the levels of aromatase.2 That is the conversion of hormones – from testosterone to estrogen in men, and from estrogen to testosterone in women. Plus, this can be helpful for managing fertility and reducing risk of certain cancers.

A mushroom that can especially benefit your hormones is the reishi mushroom.

Mushrooms can help to regulate blood sugar levels.

Blood sugar effects your energy level in big ways! When you eat something sweet, then your energy level spikes along with your blood sugar. That initial energy boost may feel great. But it’s destined for a major drop. This delivers the “slump” that you probably know. However, consuming certain nutrients, like mushrooms, along with sugars can help. A recent study shows that consuming mushrooms along with sweets can stabilize insulin in the blood.3 This leads to steadier blood sugar and overall energy levels. Plus, this helps to balance levels for those suffering from diabetes and similar diseases.

One of many mushrooms that can help maintain blood sugar levels is the cordyceps mushroom.

So if you want to balance your energy levels, then mushrooms may be your answer.

In addition, mushrooms offer a variety of other medicinal benefits. If you’re interested in exploring more, here are 10 fast facts about medicinal mushrooms. Plus, there is lots to learn about the health benefits of well-known species, like reishi, chaga, cordyceps, turkey tail, maitake, lion’s mane, and shiitake. Enjoy learning more about these magical fungi!

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