When it comes medicinal mushrooms, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the different options. You want a safe product, good results, and a respectable price. But that isn’t always evident with some misleading products. So how do you know which is the best?

This simple guide outlines the 4 key things that you need to know…

1. Made from Mushroom Fruiting Body – not mycelium

The best quality mushroom products are made from the “fruiting body” of the mushroom. That is, they are made from the mushroom itself – not from the “mycelium” or root system of mushroom. When made from mycelium, mushroom products don’t offer the same nutrients and medicinal qualities. Indeed, they are often grown in poor conditions and contain more grain filler. Not helpful!

So when you’re shopping for mushroom products, look for those that specify they are made from the fruiting body. Avoid those made from mycelium!

2. Extracted with Hot Water or Alcohol (or Both!)

An extraction of mushroom will deliver a most potent concentration of these active ingredients.It concentrates the mushroom’s active ingredients, and makes them more easily for the body to absorb. Maximum health boost! On the other hand, mushroom “powders” are hard for the body to absorb and often made from lesser ingredients (like mycelium).

So when you look at the description, go with those made from extracts of mushroom. Avoid “powders” or those that don’t specify how they’re extracted.

3. Lab-tested for Active Ingredients

The best quality supplements will include third-party verification of their active ingredients. For mushroom products, two of the most potent active ingredients are Beta-D-Glucans and Triterpenoids. So look out for those that have verified higher levels of these. As the natural supplements market continues to grow, this type of verification becomes essential. It keeps the marketplace safe from harmful or empty supplements

So when you look at the Supplement Facts on your mushroom products, take note if it states specific lab-tested amounts of active ingredients. Avoid those that avoid these details or don’t offer third-party verification.

4. Verified Pure, Organic and Non-GMO

The purity of your mushroom products is essential. That means that it is Pure – that is, without filler. And it should also be certified Organic and verified Non-GMO. When it comes to concentrates and extracts, these traits are especially important. Because any impurities, chemicals, or modifications will be accumulated in your product. So just as nutritious qualities grow stronger, so too will any negative qualities.

So when choosing your mushroom products, look for verification that they are Pure, Organic, and Non-GMO. Steer clear of products that don’t specify about this.