The beauty of Krill Oil is that it can have a big impact on your health – with a limited impact on the environment.

Why is this so important? Not all supplements sources are created equal! The integrity of ingredient is really important in making top-quality supplements, like Krill Oil. You’ll be happy to know that Krill Oil is a sustainably and carefully harvested resource.

Find out all about Krill Oil’s reliable sources and sustainable harvesting…

Krill – these tiny crustaceans – are abundant in oceans around the world, particularly in cold Antarctic waters. They are mostly harvested for their Krill Oil, as it’s a super source of beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids (particularly DHA and EPA). Krill are a main food source for hundreds of species of marine animals. Their role in the ocean’s ecosystem is an essential one. For this reason, we are especially committed to maintaining sustainable and responsible harvesting practices.

The population of krill is reliably stable – and in fact, exceptionally large.

Indeed, there are more krill on earth than any other living creatures – including humans! In addition, the biomass of krill – that is, the total weight of all the species – weighs more than any other species population on earth. The Antarctic krill species alone (one of 85 species of krill) weighs in at approximately 420 million metric tons. This all goes to show that the population of krill is expansive. There is no risk of extinction, now or anytime in the near future.

Regulations on krill harvesting are strong, sustainable, and consistent.

Since 1982, the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) has regulated the Antarctic krill. They establish yearly allowable fishing quotas. There is no threat of over-harvesting krill, as in recent years, less than 1% of the population has been harvested annually.

In addition, the fishery is monitored by independent organizations, like Friends of the Sea and the Marine Stewardship Council. These organizations go aboard fishing vessels to audit their harvest and practices. They also certify harvesters, who meet strict criteria. (Our Omega Supreme Krill Oil Formulas are proudly certified by Friends of the Sea.)

Krill harvesting respects the cycles of krill bloom – that’s when there is a huge surge in the population. This protects the normal lifecycle patterns of this incredible marine organism and makes sure that it continues to thrive.

Krill harvesting is carefully practiced to reduce impact on the environment.

Unlike fish oil, which can have questionable impacts on the environment, Krill Oil is an accessible and sustainable source of your Omega-3’s. Through the partnerships and collaborations between non-profit organizations, harvesters, and consumers, krill will continue to be a great resource for both humans and marine life. We are committed to the preservation of krill as a critical part of the ocean’s ecosystem.

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