Did you know that high blood pressure affects 1 out of 4 adults around the world? This is a real global issue! But luckily, researchers are finding more natural ways to help control high blood pressure. And one of those comes from a favorite food flavor: garlic! Yes, research is finding greats things about aged garlic extract for blood pressure. So here’s the scoop on why garlic extract may be just what you need…

So what is aged garlic extract?

Aged garlic extract is a specially processed version of garlic. You’ll find it in capsule, liquid, and tablet form. Unlike the fresh version, garlic extract has no odor! Aged garlic extract is sometimes referred to simply as “AGE.”

This form of garlic benefits your body in particular ways…

The component in it that helps blood pressure is called S-allylcysteine (SAC). SAC is an organic compound that comes from an amino acid. In garlic extract, it is an active and stable form. That means that you can easily give a standard dosage. So it is that much easier to take on a daily basis!

Also, aged garlic extract is a safe alternative to regular garlic. Although we love eating garlic as much as you do, it doesn’t quite work the same…

Other preparations of garlic, like raw or powdered, aren’t as reliable in daily doses. They can have bad effects on your digestion, or even on your circulation. For example, raw garlic can sometimes interact badly with blood-thinning meds. However, aged garlic extract doesn’t have these risks. It has lots of benefits without the same risk!


Clinical studies are getting great results from garlic extract for blood pressure.

Lots of folks are blogging about the benefits of aged garlic extract. But evidence from scientists is most reassuring, of course. Luckily, there has been a lot of interest in researching the benefits of garlic extract for blood pressure. Yes, the proof is in the numbers!

One clinical study of 88 people found that garlic extract “significantly reduced” high blood pressure over 8 weeks.1 Another double-blind study, by researchers in California and the Netherlands, found that aged garlic extract significantly reduced plaque in arteries.2 Plaque is, of course, a major cause of high blood pressure!

In another 12-week trial, researchers concluded that garlic extract was an “effective and tolerable treatment” for high blood pressure and a “safe adjunct to conventional therapy.”2 Even if you’re already on medication for blood pressure, it’s great to know that AGE can be added as an additional and natural treatment.

Get started by implementing garlic extract into your daily supplements.

You can look for garlic extract in its capsule, liquid, or tablet form. Or you can take it as part of a blended formula. Either way, this gives you an easy way to take a daily dose! It may take up to 8 weeks (or 2 months) for you to notice an effect. Also, be sure that you are staying healthy and making other lifestyle changes to lower your blood pressure. For example, you can learn what foods reduce blood pressure and how to easily take your blood pressure at home, as well as supplements that support your heart.

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